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The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

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Keniti Pinkett


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Keniti Pinkett, Life & Health Insurance Producer
NPN#: 19777547

I am an independent life and health insurance producer specializing in life and health; final expense, mortgage, income and asset protection insurance plans. I became an insurance agent because I never want anyone else to experience the tricky policies that I encountered after caring for and burying my 93-year-old grandmother in 2020 and then her 74-year-old daughter in 2022.

I currently reside in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with my husband of 26 years and 2 children. I earned a criminal justice degree, debt-free, from The George Washington University and have helped thousands of families change their lives over the past 30 years by working in various management positions at the local and federal levels.

I also hold a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching and enjoy helping people achieve their personal wellness goals. I enjoy volunteering and helping families reduce college expenses. One of my greatest accomplishments has been the ability to sending both kids to Stevenson University with little to no debt using life insurance and scholarships. As President and CEO of Schollages, LLC d/b/a InsuranCare, I would also love to support you and your family with life and health insurance coverage, coaching and or scholarship and educational services.

State Licenses: DC, MD, VA, GA, IN, MI, NC, NJ, NY, OH, SC, TX, FL

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Keniti Pinkett
Keniti Pinkett
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Keniti Pinkett

“I found insure me now direct doing a quick internet search. It was great to be able to get a quick idea of what the costs were and to be able to reach out to an agent when I had questions and then hop back in and finish up the application on my own time”.

Karen H. – San Bernadino, CA

Keniti Pinkett

“Working on movie sets at weird hours made it almost impossible for me to meet with an agent. Insure me now direct allowed me to get great affordable insurance within minutes.”

Eric K. – Beverly Hills, CA

Keniti Pinkett

“As a small business owner I need to protect my family.  With Insure Me Now Direct I was able to get a disability policy and life policy quickly, easily and one that fit my tight budget.”

Rachel R. – Omaha, NE

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Keniti Pinkett

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