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The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

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Ashanta Donald


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Ashanta Donald
Ashanta is a Nebraska native who was raised in a large family with dozens of cousins, aunt and uncles who instilled in her the importance of family and leaving a legacy. Ashanta is happily married and a proud mother of four children. She became a multi-state licensed life insurance agent when she uncovered a passion for helping other families in her community. Her passion is to help everyone plan ahead for untimely circumstances that occur when losing a loved one. Unfortunately this creates a huge financial burden during the most trying and emotional times if your not prepared. Ashanta knows a precious life doesn’t last forever and that’s why she enjoys helping families create a secure and affordable program to assist those families in their darkest hour. Her motto is ” NO FAMILY MEMBER LEFT BEHIND”Let us help you protect your family and legacy today.Question..When was the last time you had to contribute to a go fund me ? When was the last time you seen a post for one. How about someone selling something to help pay for a funeral? These times should be well behind us with the way the world is going right now. Families, we need everyone in your bloodline and beyond covered with an insurance policy. Let’s stop praying for the best and not preparing for the inevitable. We all have a date and time. Let’s prepare and at the same time leave our families a little something behind. No Family Member left Behind. Because you qualify for life insurance with your age and health. Stop waiting and get your policy Now!! Click the link below and set up your policy( ies) in the comfort of your home. And remember Leave No Family Members Behind!EVERYONE NEEDS A POLICY!!

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We’re here to help you make the right decisions and get the best coverage possible at the lowest prices. Sometimes insurance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. These helpful tips will get you headed off in the right direction. 

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Ashanta Donald
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Ashanta Donald

“I found insure me now direct doing a quick internet search. It was great to be able to get a quick idea of what the costs were and to be able to reach out to an agent when I had questions and then hop back in and finish up the application on my own time”.

Karen H. – San Bernadino, CA

Ashanta Donald

“Working on movie sets at weird hours made it almost impossible for me to meet with an agent. Insure me now direct allowed me to get great affordable insurance within minutes.”

Eric K. – Beverly Hills, CA

Ashanta Donald

“As a small business owner I need to protect my family.  With Insure Me Now Direct I was able to get a disability policy and life policy quickly, easily and one that fit my tight budget.”

Rachel R. – Omaha, NE

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Ashanta Donald

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