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The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

The world’s 1st multi-carrier, direct-to-consumer insurance marketplace for you and your family!

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Tisha McCoy-Miller


We make shopping and buying insurance simple – it’s always on your terms, not ours.

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Tisha McCoy-Miller
       Hello, my name is Natisha “Tisha” McCoy-Miller.  I know life can get hectic with the busyness of work, kids-just life itself.  My goal is to make purchasing insurance as easy as possible for you! If you are like most people, finding time to meet with an agent could be impossible.   You have the option to run a quote, complete a short application, and buy your insurance on this site at your own pace.  You could also reach out to me (your agent for “life” 🙂 ), I can help you meet your needs.  I became an insurance advisor to help educate families about the different types of insurance and products that are available to them. I have witnessed many families suffer from not having a policy in place when they lost a loved one or not having enough coverage; many families did not know what their options were or did not know they could purchase more than one policy to fit their needs.  I believe insurance is a necessity and I want to help as many families as possible protect loved ones from expenses they were not prepared to cover. I want to make buying insurance easy and affordable for you!

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We’re here to help you make the right decisions and get the best coverage possible at the lowest prices. Sometimes insurance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. These helpful tips will get you headed off in the right direction. 

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Tisha McCoy-Miller
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Tisha McCoy-Miller

“I found insure me now direct doing a quick internet search. It was great to be able to get a quick idea of what the costs were and to be able to reach out to an agent when I had questions and then hop back in and finish up the application on my own time”.

Karen H. – San Bernadino, CA

Tisha McCoy-Miller

“Working on movie sets at weird hours made it almost impossible for me to meet with an agent. Insure me now direct allowed me to get great affordable insurance within minutes.”

Eric K. – Beverly Hills, CA

Tisha McCoy-Miller

“As a small business owner I need to protect my family.  With Insure Me Now Direct I was able to get a disability policy and life policy quickly, easily and one that fit my tight budget.”

Rachel R. – Omaha, NE

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Tisha McCoy-Miller

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